In Response to: Limits, still

PAW invited readers to offer their views on essays in the May 11 issue by historian ­Christine Stansell ’71 and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux ’11, a co-winner of the Pyne Prize. The essays responded to a University report that analyzed why undergraduate women at Princeton are underrepresented in high-profile leadership positions and as recipients of major academic prizes. Following is a sampling of reader responses; expanded versions and additional comments can be found at PAW Online (

Women can and do lead differently, and from my perspective, vive la différence. The best manager I ever had was a woman, and it was  precisely the nonaggressive, goals-oriented leadership that I valued  most. It’s time for our society to recognize that the old-style male  leadership model leads to unfortunate excesses that ultimately undermine the long-term success of any societal organization.

Michael Otten ’63