In Response to: Going Solo

I very much enjoyed Katherine Greenwood’s article on David Carpenter ’08 (cover story, April 23). I was, however, somewhat disheartened to note the absence of mention of “Harold in Italy,” surely one of the greatest viola concertos written by that still-not-quite-respectable genius of the romantic movement, H. Berlioz, despite Jacques Barzun’s heroic attempt at rehabilitation. Why doesn’t Mr. Carpenter write a piece for his chosen instrument — an instrument I far prefer to the soprano whine of the violin for its warm, sensuous, and compelling tones? He then could, as Paganini did, perform his own pieces, which would surely hasten his own apotheosis.

Once again, thank you for a most interesting article, and I certainly wish Mr. Carpenter all the luck possible in his difficult chosen path!

Mihailo Voukitchevitch ’55