Princeton’s “special sauce” is being stretched as never before (“Princeton’s Special Sauce,” July/August issue) as our student body and faculty become more diverse, in every way, but especially ethnically, philosophically, and politically. This is a reflection of our national evolution. It’s a good thing, but only if we appreciate it. And that means the effort to maintain (or even extend) the ties that bind us to Princeton must increase. It’s got to be labor-intensive. The administration cannot unilaterally impose our sense of community on alumni or students or even faculty. Alumni are the best advertisements for applicants. The administration should be in touch — in person, by Zoom and similar social media, and by phone — with alumni of all stripes, and ages, from the Class of 2022 to the Class of 1937. So ... more of the same. Much more. 

My only concrete suggestion is that faculty should be encouraged and rewarded for road trips. There is a hunger for learning outside of 08544, and summer and holiday lectures (or panels) in various cities and towns, plus more outreach, may help.

Lee L. Kaplan ’73
Houston, Texas