I fully share all possible disdain for Trump and his supporters whether they are alumni of Princeton or not. But what is the issue here?

Are alumni supposed to have abandoned all their phobias, prejudices, psychological deviations, selfishness, stupidities, and, yes, evil inclinations just because of their post-secondary education? Has their education remedied all their sins and faults? How naive can you get? Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, not a Princetonian as far as I know, said it all when he said that the attempted sedition in D.C. and its Oval Office instigator were “wicked.” Yes, he used the word wicked; he does have a vestigial Lutheran tendency to pontificate theologically, but he was correct here. Did Princeton ever promise prospective students to cure their wickedness and sin? Not that I am aware of it.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.