Follow, the debut album of Tommy Curry ’08’s folk-rock band, The Currys, features 12 original songs. In addition to Curry, the band includes his brother, Jimmy; his cousin Galen Curry; Matt Kauper; and Johnny Humphreys. Tommy, Jimmy, and Galen, who grew up playing and singing together, also perform as a trio.

LISTEN: “Wrecking Ball,” a song from Tommy Curry ’08’s album.

The narrator of Akhil Sharma ’92’s novel Family Life is Ajay, who emigrated from India to the United States as a boy with his family. Before long they must deal with a tragedy: Ajay’s big brother becomes brain-damaged in a swimming-pool accident. The story is based on Sharma’s own life. The New York Times called the novel “riveting in its portrayal of an immigrant community’s response to loss.”

In Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit (William Morrow) Dane Huckelbridge ’01 explores the history of bourbon whiskey, from its origins through the international, multibillion-dollar industry it is today. He weaves the drink’s tale with that of the United States. “To know its story is to know our own,” he writes.