Following is a list of new senior faculty members, all with the rank of professor:

Mark Aguiar, economics, from the University of Rochester; research interests include life-cycle consumption and savings, current account dynamics, sovereign debt, and the interplay of time allocation and consumption.

Paul Chirik, chemistry, from Cornell; his organometallic research centers on the discovery of sustainable methods in chemical synthesis.

Janet M. Currie *88, economics and public affairs and director of the Center for Health and Wellbeing, from Columbia. Her research focuses on socioeconomic differences in child health and on threats to children’s health from environmental sources.

Marc Fleurbaey, public affairs and the University Center for Human ­Values, from Université Paris Descartes; his research focuses on social ­criteria for evaluating public ­policies, incorporating principles of fairness.

Mikhail Golosov, economics, from Yale; his research interests include macroeconomics, public finance, and political economy.

Bruce E. Koel, chemical and biological engineering, from Lehigh. His research group studies chemical reactions and other processes at surfaces.

Peter Ozsváth *94, mathematics, from MIT; a Veblen Prize winner, he is known for his work on low-dimensional geometry and topology.

Richard Rogerson, economics and public affairs, from Arizona State ­University; his research interests are macroeconomics and labor economics.

Leonard Wantchekon, politics, from New York University; his interests focus on political economy, development, applied game theory, and comparative politics.

Shou-Wu Zhang, mathematics, from Columbia; his research interests include number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry. He was an assistant professor at Princeton from 1994 to 1996, and an instructor two years before that.