Getting into Princeton continues to get more competitive: The University has offered admission to 1,941 students for the Class of 2022, a record-low 5.5 percent of the 35,370 applicants. The rate last year was 6.1 percent.

 Of the students offered admission, 50.5 percent are women and 49.5 percent are men — the same ratio as last year, when women enrolled in the freshman class outnumbered men for the first time in Princeton’s history. 

In addition, 53.4 percent of those admitted self-identified as people of color, including biracial and multiracial students; 11.2 percent are legacies; 64.5 percent attend public schools; 17 percent will be the first in their families to attend college; and 23 percent are eligible for federal Pell grants. 

New Jersey was the state with the most admitted students, followed by California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. International students representing 77 countries make up 12 percent of admitted students.

About 41 percent of those admitted — 799 students — applied through early action and were notified in December.

Among peer schools, Stanford reported an admission rate of 4.3 percent, Harvard 4.6 percent, Columbia 5.5 percent, and Yale 6.3 percent.

The deadline for transfer applicants was March 1, and those candidates will learn of their decisions in early May.