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(Courtesy MonkeyEggplant/Flickr)

Don’t let the word “salad” fool you. As a kid, when Carolyn Gratzer Cope ’98 thought about leafy greens, she also had meat in mind, along with cheese, bacon, croutons, and creamy dressing. “The more it resembled a burger, the better,” Cope writes in a recent post on Serious Eats. But as an adult, the author of the food blog Umami Girl has turned to healthier options that can turn a bed of lettuce into a hearty meal: roasted winter squash, root vegetables, and the like. In the latest installment of Cope’s "Crisper Whisperer" column, readers chimed in with their favorites as well, including chickpeas, avocado, sunflower seeds, and pulled pork.

In other posts this week: When it comes to recovery time, “less is less,” professional triathlete Jordan Rapp ’02 writes in a post. … New York Times ArtsBeat blogger Dave Itzkoff ’98 looks at the latest example of odd author memorabilia being sold online: J.K. Rowling’s boots, given to a fifth-grade class in Omaha 12 years ago. … On the Disruptive Economics blog, contributor Timothy B. Lee *10 questions the logic behind Netflix’s plan to split its streaming video and rent-by-mail businesses. … John Stossel ’69 of Fox News cries “Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi!” in his look at Social Security and Medicare, backing the words of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry. … Photographer David Cardinal ’81 posts this captivating view of the Princeton Mill on the banks of the Millstone River two weeks after Hurricane Irene.