Princeton’s Annual Giving campaign raised a record $81.8 million in 2021-22, topping the prior year’s contributions by more than $13 million. Despite the record total, the participation rate for undergraduate alumni dipped to 47.4 percent, finishing shy of 50 percent for the third straight year. More than 37,000 donors contributed to this year’s campaign.

The 25th-reunion Class of 1997 led all classes, raising more than $10.8 million, followed by the Class of 1992 ($8.1 million), the Class of 1972 ($7.6 million), the Class of 1987 ($6.1 million), and the Class of 1982 ($6 million). The 10 major-reunion classes from 1962 to 2007 each contributed at least $1 million to the campaign. 

The Class of 1972 led participation, with 74.3 percent of class members contributing, closely followed by the Class of 1963, which had the highest participation rate among non-major-reunion classes (74 percent). Graduate alumni raised $2.1 million, and Princeton parents donated $2 million.