New ad-blocking software developed by Princeton professor Arvind Narayanan, alumni Dillon Reisman ’14 and Jonathan Mayer ’09, and undergraduate Grant Storey ’17 “points toward a potential end of the ad-blocking arms race.” — Motherboard 

The first lesson of wine appreciation is learning how to smell, says Bianca Bosker ’08, author of the new book Cork Dork. — The Economist

Biologist Doug Emlen *94 — “an enthusiast and an expert” — has a starring role in a new BBC documentary on nature’s wildest weapons. — The Guardian

New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner ’82 has asked the Trump administration to stop arresting immigrants who come to county courthouses, saying the practice could deter witnesses and victims of crimes from appearing at trials. —

University Heights, Ohio, welcomed William N. Sheehan III ’87 as the city’s new finance director. —

NPR board member Paul Haaga ’70 speaks about ideological diversity in public broadcasting in a recent Q&A. — Philanthropy magazine

Len Coleman ’71 played a pivotal role in Major League Baseball’s 1997 decision to retire Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 for all teams, according to a recently published oral history of the memorable tribute. — ESPN

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