Lauren H. Adams, The College of New Jersey

Kathryn Foster *93, center, the new president of The College of New Jersey, poses with students after an introductory event last week. Foster, a New Jersey native, earned a Ph.D. from the Woodrow Wilson School. Read more on

Carter Cleveland ’09, the founder and CEO of Artsy, explains how galleries are taking advantage of Artsy’s platform to host their works and conduct art auctions. — Bloomberg

Trevor Traina ’90 was confirmed by the Senate as the U.S. ambassador to Austria. — San Francisco Chronicle

In a Sunday Review essay, Michael Eric Dyson *93 called on readers to revisit what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in and embrace the “urgency” of his faith. — The New York Times

Jessica Marati Radparvar ’08 founded Reconsidered, a sustainable-business consulting firm, and will lend her expertise to help her native Guam work toward sustainable practices. — The Guam Daily Post

Commentator Douglas Rushkoff ’83 argues that Facebook advertising has made the world a “more fearful, hostile, and dangerous place.” — The Los Angeles Times

Technology consultant David Robinson ’04 suggests questions for Congress to ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about using artificial intelligence to combat election interference. — The Atlantic

Jay Famiglietti *92, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Wendy Chun *99, a professor at Brown University, were chosen as Canada 150 Research Chairs; each will serve a 7-year term at a Canadian university. — University Affairs

Former NTSB Chair Christopher Hart ’69 *71 was selected to head the Metro Safety Commission, a new independent oversight board that will monitor safety at the Washington, D.C., transit agency. — The Washington Post

Greg Rigdon *95, the executive vice president of content acquisition for Comcast Cable, testified in the AT&T-Time Warner antitrust case, saying that the merger likely would not alter Comcast’s ability to carry Time Warner content. — CNN

Rich McKay ’81 leads the NFL’s Competition Committee, which made a much-discussed change to the league’s rules on helmet contact. — Sports Illustrated

Princeton Professor Manjul Bhargava *01 explains how playing tabla drums helps clear his mind and aid his progress on complicated math problems. — The Economic Times

The Brooklyn Museum of Art named Kristen Windmuller-Luna *16 as its curator of African art, a decision that drew criticism from some circles because Windmuller-Luna is white. — Newsweek

The Rockefeller University will award Nobel laureate Kip Thorne *65 the 2018 Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing About Science. — The Rockefeller University

At the 2018 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships in Maryland,  Bruce McBarnette ’80 set a new high-jump record for men in the 60-to-64 age group. —  Loudoun Times-Mirror