Waitress Marian Opdyke sings a farewell song to a crowd gathered for the mock funeral of The Balt (aka The Baltimore Dairy Lunch), which closed in January 1963 after more than 40 years in business at 82 Nassau St. According to an article in the Feb. 1, 1963, PAW, the funeral was “a huge success. The Triangle Club composed a dirge, the band provided a hearse . . . and dozens of students offered their talents at pall-bearing.” Tom Artin ’60 *68, who took this photo, attended The Balt funeral with his wife and then-2-year-old son. He managed to acquire one of the restaurant’s distinctive single-armed chairs for the “princely sum of $3.50.” Artin still has the chair, as well as a soft spot in his heart for The Balt.