Class secretaries and memorialists PAWsed between Reunions activities for the annual party in their honor, which was held on Friday, May 27, at Maclean House. Thirty-two secretaries and memorialists were on hand for the photo. Pictured are, back row from left: Liza Walworth ’97, Kathryn Beaumont Murphy ’96, Class Notes editor Fran Hulette, Paul Sittenfeld ’69, P.G. Sittenfeld ’07, John Perkins ’55, Stephanie Anderson ’74, Tom Hughes ’82, Ken Michaelchuck ’68, Jim Parmentier ’66, Helen Walsh s’41, F. Irving Walsh ’41, Ed Strauss ’72, Sev Onyshkevych ’83, Tim Butts *72, graduate-alumni memorialist Eli Schwartz *60, Stephen Dittmann k’35, and Jo Johnson ’64; seated in the ­middle row: Erica Lehrer ’80, Steven Schoenfeld ’87, Janet Grace w’44, Tom Meeker ’56, Bill Kelley ’40, Jeff Marshall ’71, Mike Parish ’65, Ed Essertier ’43, Charles Ware ’49, Chester Files ’45, memorialist Warren Eginton ’45, Melissa Kiser ’75, and David Reeves ’48; seated in front: Barry Bosak ’62, George Brakeley ’61, and Jay Siegel ’59.