(Image: Kwangseok Lee *07, Lynn Loo, and Philip Chew/ Courtesy Princeton Art of Science)
Selections from Princeton’s annual Art of Science competition are finding a new audience at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J. Through March 17, 2013, visitors to the science center will be able to view 45 colorful and scientifically interesting photos from the campus contest, first held in 2005. Emeritus professor Emmet Gowin and Joel Smith *01, the former curator of photography at the Princeton University Art Museum, selected the images for the exhibition, which opened Sept. 15.
The photo at right, “Electric Pop Art,” was submitted for the 2010 competition by Kwangseok Lee *07, Professor Lynn Loo, and Philip Chew in the chemical and biological engineering department and shows a transistor in which the interlocking metal electrodes have been replaced with less expensive plastic. “This same material can be used to make electrical contacts in solar cells and electronic displays,” the researchers noted.