Jennifer Senior ’91
Laura Rose

Atlantic writer Jennifer Senior ’91 discussed her new article, “The Ones We Sent Away,” about her aunt, who was born with an intellectual and developmental disability and was institutionalized when she was just a toddler, like many people in the 1950s. — NPR’s Fresh Air
Justices Samuel Alito ’72 and Elena Kagan ’81 lately have been the Supreme Court’s “primary antagonists,” sparring over what power Congress does or doesn’t have to regulate the court. — The New York Times
Mayor Indya Kincannon ’93 described how Knoxville, Tennessee, responded to an uptick in gun violence with a science-based approach that doesn’t rely on restricting gun access through legislation. — The Associated Press
Responding to football player Michael Oher’s accusations that the Tuohy family profited off Michael Lewis ’82’s book and the movie The Blind Side, Lewis said the family “showered him with resources and love. That he’s suspicious of them is breathtaking.” — The Washington Post
Pretty Baby, a documentary about actress Brooke Shields ’87, has been nominated for an Emmy Award. — 6 ABC
Greg Orman ’91, who has run as an independent candidate for governor and senator of Kansas, said the No Labels party’s success getting on the ballot in 10 states reflects Americans’ frustration with the choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. — Real Clear Politics
Kerry Brodie ’12’s New York restaurant employing refugees and asylum-seekers, Emma’s Torch, now has a location in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. — The Hyattsville Wire
Citing his own research on Princeton’s Betsey Stockton, Georgia Tech professor emeritus Gregory Nobles ’70 criticized Floridians who say students should learn that slaves acquired marketable skills during their servitude. “Whatever they achieved pays credit to their own effort, not to their enslavement,” Nobles wrote. — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
When asked on MSNBC about claims that we live in a post-racial society, Princeton professor Eddie Glaude *97 said “Trumpism” has existed for generations, and “We have to commit ourselves, finally, to acknowledging it so that we can stamp it out.” — Raw Story

“Sen. Tuberville’s promotion block exacerbates the challenging lives of those who chose to serve, making already existing issues like under-employment, food insecurity and the dislocation of moves — i.e., temporary homelessness — worse. It makes us feel that we are on the tip end of a whip, being manipulated for reasons unattached to anything we can control.”

— Blue Star Families co-founder and CEO Kathy Roth-Douquet *91, explaining in an op-ed how Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s decision to block military appointments is hurting service members, their families, and recruitment. — The Hill

New Yorker editor David Remnick ’81 said for his new book, Holding the Note, he was interested to interview people who were young when they sang about being young, “people whose careers went a lot longer than they probably ever imagined.” — WAMU
Journalist and author Lisa Belkin ’82 discussed her new book, Genealogy of a Murder, with two descendants of the police officer whose 1960 killing is central to the story. — Connecticut Public Radio
Denver Broncos president Damani Leech ’98 announced over $100 million in improvements to Empower Field at Mile High, including North America’s tallest video scoreboard. — CBS News  
Showrunner Craig Mazin ’92 said much progress was made on the second season of The Last of Us before the Hollywood writers’ strike began. — Entertainment Weekly

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