U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley ’80 warns that time is running out for the United States to make some tough choices in order to deter a nuclear attack by North Korea. — Stars and Stripes

The Wall Street Journal editorial board cites research by Princeton Professor Thomas Espenshade *72 and Alexandria Radford *09 to question the racial makeup of Harvard University’s undergraduate classes. — The Wall Street Journal

Author Akhil Sharma ’92 writes that an increase in hostility toward immigrants has made him more willing to embrace the label “immigrant writer.” — The Washington Post

A new paper by Princeton economics professor Janet Currie *88 and Diane Alexander *16 of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago finds that children of all races living in areas with large proportions of African Americans tend to have higher rates of asthma. — Citylab

Carla Vernon ’92 has been named president of Annie’s, a popular organic food brand that is part of General Mills. — Star Tribune

Caroline Kitchener ’14 interviews U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz ’92 and Professor Robert George about their “mentor-mentee” relationship and their interactions during Cruz’s undergraduate years and in the 25 years since. — The Atlantic

“A voluntary inmate immured
in a last resort for seniors,
there are constant reminders,
the reaper is lurking around that corner.”

Opening lines to Henry Morgenthau III  ’39’s poem “A Sunday in Purgatory,” which was selected as the Poem of the Week by The AtlanticRead the full poem at TheAtlantic.com

Lawyer Jill Rosenberg ’83 is part of a growing group of American Jewish women who engage in philanthropy toward Jewish causes, describing her charity as a “natural consequence” of her upbringing. — The Jerusalem Post

CBS will be launching a comedy titled 9JKL, based on Mark Feuerstein ’93’s life as an actor living in a New York City apartment next to his parents. — Deadline

Lawyer Gerald Skoning ’64 questions the U.S. Navy’s requirement of gender-neutral restrooms on the USS Gerald Ford and critiques Princeton for its efforts to promote “healthy masculinity” among male students. — The American Spectator

Bob Bradley ’80, selected as the head coach for the new Los Angeles Football Club in Major League Soccer, explains his plan for the team to “transcend soccer” and grow the sport’s recognition. — Los Angeles Times

Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell ’75 and J. Christopher Giancarlo argue that it is time for the interest rate known as Libor to be phased out in favor of one based on a rate derived from short-term loans known as repurchase agreements. — The Wall Street Journal

Georgia Tech has named professor of electrical and computer engineering Steven McLaughlin *86 to serve as the dean of the College of Engineering. — Georgia Tech News Center

MIT’s associate department head for mechanical engineering, Anette Hosoi ’92, has been named the associate dean of MIT’s School of Engineering, and will serve alongside associate dean for innovation Vladimir Bulovic ’91 *98. — MIT News

The Media Institute will present its Freedom of Speech Award to Jeffrey Herbst ’83, the president and CEO of the Newseum in Washington, D.C. — TV News Check

Imperial College London has appointed PJ Beaghton *88 as the associate director of the Institute for Security Science and Technology, where he will focus on risks to electronic financial systems such as money laundering and hacking. — Imperial College London

Mark Dubowitz and U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher ’06 argue that in order to avoid a third war, Lebanon should dismantle its missile systems and sanction companies controlled by Iran’s military. — The Wall Street Journal

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Arthur Miller ’73 will serve as the vice chair of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, which establishes regulatory policies of the municipal securities market. — Markets Insider

Physician James Holland ’45 recalls how a 4-year-old cancer patient inspired him to remain in the oncology field. — OncLive

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