Isobel Coleman ’87 participates in a G20 development ministers meeting in Varanasi, India, in June.
AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh

Isobel Coleman ’87, deputy administrator for policy and programs at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), warned that Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative is going to drive up food prices for African nations. — Business Insider Africa
Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) continues to block military leadership nominations because he disagrees with the military’s abortion policy, including the replacement of Army Gen. Mark Milley ’80, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, whose tenure ends in the fall. — Forbes
Companies should stick to their missions in tough times, and not feel like they should abandon them in favor of “more practical strategies,” Ali Demos *98 of consulting company Strawberry Frog co-wrote in an op-ed. — Inc. magazine
If you liked Oppenheimer, you might like the thematically similar Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, about S. Nambi Narayanan *71’s work with the Indian space research program and his later political assassination. — High On Films
Alex Kaplan ’21, a physics major who now works for a coffee company, wrote a tweet that went viral about a new material, called LK-99, that acts as a superconductor. “Today might have been the biggest physics discovery of my lifetime,” he wrote. — The New York Times
 The Rev. Fletcher Harper ’85 of GreenFaith wrote in an op-ed that Ascension Health, one of the largest Catholic health institutions in the world, should follow the Church of England’s example and divest from fossil-fuel companies. — St. Louis Post-Dispatch
CEO Sophie Kahn *10 announced her jewelry company, Aurate, is launching a “sister brand model” partnership with Helzberg Diamonds; both “deeply value sustainability in a too-often unsustainable industry,” she said. — Yahoo! Finance

Arguing against President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief plans, Forbes Media chairman Steve Forbes ’70 said students need to be aware of the real cost of loans with interest and that college isn’t the only path to a job. “The idea that everyone has to go to college has to be put to rest,” he said. — Fox News

“The Jan. 6 indictment is solid as granite. All the incriminating testimony and evidence is from the former president’s appointees or political supporters, for example, former Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. Democrats are nowhere to be seen.”

— Consumer advocate Ralph Nader ’55, writing in The Albany Herald about the most recent charges against former president Donald Trump.

 President Biden’s reelection team is taking seriously Cornel West *80’s Green Party candidacy and the possibility of someone running with the new independent party called No Labels. — Politico
Investor Carl Icahn ’57’s fortune fell by 26%, or $2.7 billion, after his company cut dividends from $2 to $1 in response to a researcher’s critical report. — BNN Bloomberg
Circuit Court Judge Denny Chin ’75 voted with the majority in a ruling that upheld Connecticut’s 2021 ban on religious exemptions to vaccine mandates in schools  — Reuters
Justices Elena Kagan ’81 and Samuel Alito ’72 are at odds over whether Congress has power to check the Supreme Court, particularly on the current ethics debate: He has said no, but she says, “We’re not imperial.” — Salon

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