Campus tour guides and their favorite places

We asked campus tour guides about their favorite places not on the regular route. Here’s what they said.

Mackensey King ’19 on the upper level of Chancellor Green
Jessica Zhou ’19

“I love studying (and sometimes napping) in Chancellor Green, upstairs, because it’s quiet, has lots of natural light, and it’s close to Starbucks.”

— Mackensey King ’19, Orange Key tour guide

Bhaskar Roberts ’19 outside of Dickinson Hall
Jessica Zhou ’19

“I like the area between Firestone and Dickinson because it opens onto the bustle of Washington Road, yet it feels secluded thanks to the tall trees and buildings surrounding it.”

— Bhaskar Roberts ’19, engineering school tour guide

Kaitlin Demarest ’18 in front of McCarter Theatre
Jessica Zhou ’19

“When I give tours, I can’t help but remember how much I dreamed of being where I am now. In the same way, every time I perform here with Triangle, I can’t help but think back to my first Frosh Week Show when I realized how much I wanted to be up on this stage.”

— Kaitlin Demarest ’18, Orange Key tour guide

Christopher Umanzor ’19 at the John Witherspoon statue, next to East Pyne
Jessica Zhou ’19

“On my first day of class, my professor brought my class here, proceeding to tell us about Princeton’s history as a refuge for then-condemned literature. I don’t usually bring tours to this spot, but it holds special value to me as the first of many places where a professor went above and beyond to share something he or she really cares about. As a junior now, thinking back to that day always makes me smile.”

— Christopher Umanzor ’19, Orange Key tour guide