In response to a January petition signed by more than 100 faculty members, the University said it has no direct investments in FIREARMS COMPANIES. The May 6 announcement came from psychology professor ­Deborah Prentice, who chairs the ­University’s Resources Committee. The petition urged the University to renounce present or future investments in such firms. The committee referred the petition to ­President Tilghman.

Four cases of BACTERIAL MENINGITIS linked to the University have been reported since March. Two students were hospitalized after experiencing symptoms in May — one on campus, one at home. Two earlier cases involved a campus ­visitor and a student who developed symptoms over spring break. The University reported full recoveries in the first three cases. The fourth case became public May 20 as PAW went to press.

KEITH WAILOO, a professor of history and public affairs, has been named vice dean of the Woodrow Wilson School. A faculty member since 2010, Wailoo researches public health and the role of identity in medical matters.

Psychology and public affairs professor JOHN DARLEY has received the William James Lifetime Achievement Award for Basic Research, the highest honor of the Association for Psychological Science. Darley joined the faculty in 1968.

MUNG CHIANG, an electrical engineering professor known for his innovative use of mathematical analysis to improve the design of wireless networks, has received the National Science Foundation’s highest honor for young researchers, the $1 million Alan T. Waterman Award. He joined the faculty in 2003.

Computer science major Amy Ousterhout ’13, mechanical and aerospace engineering major Aman Sinha ’13, and first-year grad student Daniel Strouse are among 15 HERTZ FELLOWSHIP recipients. The $250,000 award supports graduate studies in the sciences.