What they brought to remind them of home: Pirate flags from a gap year spent sailing, senior formal pictures, mother’s hand-knit sweaters, volleyball championship T-shirts, beach photos, Dia de los Muertos posters, teddy bears

What they forgot to bring: Slippers, socks, suit and ties, bikes, hangers, pajamas (“but it’s OK, I just sleep in my residential-college T-shirt”)

Most unexpected: The FitzRandolph Gate superstition, Lawnparties, Cane Spree, “so many friendly people”

Applicants: 26,498
Admitted: 1,963 (7.4%, a record low)
Enrolled: 1,291 (with 26 from the waitlist) 
Yield: 65.8%
Students receiving financial aid: 60%
Male-to-female ratio: 50.9/49.1
Sons/daughters of alumni: 12.3%
U.S. minority students: 42.6% (a record high)
Varsity athletic prospects: 17%
International students: 12.1% (a record high)
First-generation college: 13% (a record high for number of students)
Pell Grant recipients: 14.5%  (a record high)
From public schools: 58.7%
From private schools: 40.8% 
Home-schooled: 0.5%
B.S.E. students: 25.5%
Number of U.S. military veterans: 1

Source: Office of Admission; SEAS

Doctoral-degree students: 437
Master’s-degree students: 149
Applicants: 11,179 
Admitted: 11%
Male-to-female ratio: 58/42
International students: 42%
U.S. minority students: 14%
Underrepresented U.S. minority students: 8%
Humanities and social sciences: 33%
Sciences and engineering: 48%
Woodrow Wilson School: 15%
Architecture: 4%

Source: Office of the Dean of the Graduate School