Several scholars will be joining the University as senior faculty in the fall.

Hired as full professors are classical art historian MICHAEL KOORTBOJIANO, art and archaeology, from Johns Hopkins University; BRYAN GRENFELL, a population biologist who has studied the mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, Woodrow Wilson School and ecology and evolutionary biology, from Pennsylvania State University; PATRICK KEHOE, who has studied monetary policy and financial crises, economics, from the University of Minnesota; MELISSA LANE, a scholar of political philosophy and the history of political thought, politics, from Cambridge University; IMANI PERRY, who has researched African-American legal and cultural studies, Center for African American Studies, from Rutgers University Law School; and HOWARD STONE, an authority in fluid dynamics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, from Harvard University.  

Joining the faculty as associate professors are BENJAMIN MORISON, a scholar of ancient philosophy and logic, philosophy department, from Oxford University; and HAW YANG, who has studied the dynamics of biological macromolecules, chemistry department, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  

Professors leaving Princeton for other institutions include YIGONG SHI, molecular biology, to Tsinghua University; economist MARC MELITZ and religion professors LEIGH SCHMIDT and MARIE GRIFFITH, all to Harvard University; PER KRUSELL, economics, to the Institute for International Economic Studies; and JOSHUA GOLDSTEIN, sociology, to the Max Planck Institute. Associate professor RON WEISS, electrical engineering, has taken a position at MIT.