New Kids on the Block

For most members of the freshman class, the Princeton journey began the Saturday of Labor Day weekend: freshman move-in day. As students, family members, and friends lugged belongings from vehicles to dorm rooms, PAW asked some of the new Tigers about the special item or two that they couldn’t do without.

How many pairs of shoes did you bring? A lot. [Pulls out five pairs of boat shoes.] Where’d you get those cowboy boots? I got them in Pasadena, actually. The Wild West! When are you planning to wear them? I don’t know, I’ll break them out eventually. They go with everything!

— Charlie Ramirez ’18

Pasadena, Calif.

Pack any good-luck charms? I brought a slide rule that was given to me by my grandfather. It’s from the ’40s. Why is it lucky? He was an engineer during and after World War II. I’m named after him, and I thought it’d be cool to channel his intelligence. Are you going to be an engineer, too? Yup. Pop quiz: Can you work a slide rule? Not at all! [Laughs]

— Joe Redmond ’18

Littleton, Colo.

What’s that? They’re running bibs, that you wear at meets. You were a high school runner? Yeah. Show me the highlights. I went to New Balance Nationals, that [bib] has my name on it. … These are from league meets; we would wear those every week. What are you going to do with them? I’m going to hang them on my wall. Or you could wear them, like a sash! 

— Avery Kratzer ’18

Wantagh, N.Y.

What food did you bring? A lot of cookies, and ramen noodles. You just gotta — it’s not college without those. And what’s going on your walls? A lot of posters. That one’s of A$AP Rocky, this one’s of Sublime. What was your packing strategy? There were lots of times I had to decide between one thing and the other … but then I just took both. 

— Gokul Mukunda ’18

What’s your most prized possession? Probably my fridge. Is it already stocked? Yeah. Right now with water, Gatorade. And I keep some cheeses in there, little snacks like that. How’s football practice so far? Good. ... Hopefully I’ll be on some special teams, be able to make the travel squad. Hydration’s so important for athletes. Yeah, it is. I’m restocking every day.

— Mark Fossati ’18

Upper Saddle River, N.J.

What are your move-in essentials? I like all my hair products. I have two curling wands, one straightening iron, a blow dryer ... New Jersey weather’s so weird, it’s good to have options. Exactly! It’s humid, it’s breezy …You’ve got to adapt. Every day, a new hairstyle.

— Bethlee Lindor ’18

Irvington, N.J.

You’ve got a lot of stuff in the car. I have a twin sister [Alison ’18], and we’re going to Rocky after this. Did you two fight over who brought what? No, but I might have to make the trek to get some clothes. We share them. So is your room going to be heavy on the orange and black? Gray and white are more the colors I’ve been using. I like it simple. Like that pillow. Like this pillow!

— Danielle Herman ’18

Stow, Ohio