The career survey of the members of the Class of 2012, taken six months after graduation, found:

64% Employed 

25% Pursuing higher ­education 

7%  Still seeking jobs 

$63,615 Average salary

31% Management consulting and  other ­professional services 

25% Finance and insurance 

11% Information/media 

7% Administrative and support services 

5% Education 

4% Manufacturing 

3% Public administration 

2% Health care 

12% Other

134 graduates began 1-year internships

27 joined Teach for America 

12 entered professional sports

8 joined the military

$100,000 Chemical engineering 

$87,500 Internet design and development 

$85,967 Hardware/software development

$85,667 Sales/trading (finance)

30% Master’s-degree studies 

29% Doctoral-degree studies 

15% Post-baccalaureate, fellowships, and other 

13% Medical school 

9% Law school 

4% Applying to grad school 

The information above is a PAW analysis using data from the Office of Career Services' Annual Report 2011-12; some job categories have been renamed. The number of graduates hired by Teach for America was provided directly by the organization. Career Services’ Class of 2012 Post-Graduation Plans Survey Report is available at