The career survey of the Class of 2013, taken six months after graduation, found:

  • 65% are employed 
  • 22% are pursuing higher education
  • 9% are still seeking jobs 
  • 23% of those employed work in the nonprofit sector
  • $65,257 Average salary

Most popular job categories

  • 24% Professional, scientific, and technical services (includes management consulting) 
  • 24% Finance and insurance

Graduates in special fields of interest 

  • 129 began 1-year internships
  • 30 joined Teach for America 
  • 21 entered professional sports
  • 9 joined the military

Graduates in the information industry — such as Facebook and Google— make the highest average salary: $84,086*

* Excluding bonus

Sources: Career Services; Teach for America. Click here for the full Career Services report.

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