Office of Communications: Denise Applewhite

Office of Communications: Denise Applewhite

Baccalaureate speaker LISA P. JACKSON *86
Apple executive and former EPA administrator

“Discussions, publicity, and protests about justice, equality, rights, and community have been a part of your four-year journey. But whether you marched in a protest or whether you didn’t, whether these issues touched you personally or just glanced off peripherally, they were here ... while you were here. And honestly, I’m glad that they were.”

Office of Communications: Mark Czajkowski

Hooding ceremony speaker SANJEEV KULKARNI
Dean of the Graduate School

“The process of mastering a discipline and contributing something new to a body of knowledge with a deep focus is in fact broadening and liberating. It enables one to pursue new directions, new fields, or entirely new endeavors with the abilities and confidence to not just succeed, but to excel.”

Beverly Schaefer

Valedictorian MISHA SEMENOV ’15 

“As we walk out of the FitzRandolph Gate, supposedly on the path to becoming full-fledged, independent adults, it may seem odd for me to encourage the Great Class of 2015 to never grow up, but I’m convinced that it is the most important advice I can offer today.”

Beverly Schaefer

Salutatorian NEIL HANNAN ’15

(Translated from the Latin)

“For us about to depart, it is fitting to recall the clubs echoing, ‘Turn down for what?’ The voices of singing loves, the times past, the good companions. As now we exchange this place for further ones, close these extraordinary times, and begin our departure, may you always be well.”

Office of Communications: John Jameson ’04

Class Day speaker JAKE ROBERTSON ’15

“Princeton has equipped us with all the life skills we need to face the world. ... No matter where I end up, I know I can staple flimsy posters onto lampposts; I know that if I ever run into trouble, I can always elect to P/D/F anything; and I’m prepared to walk a whole block to go to a mansion where all my food is already made for me.”

Office of Communications: John Jameson ’04

Class Day speaker ANDREW SONDERN ’15

“It wasn’t all color-corrected castles and fantasy adventure, and not every building looked like Hogwarts. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s important to remember the weird bits and struggles too. ... Imperfections are part of Princeton and part of life, but that doesn’t take away from the magic of it all.”

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