Kathy Kiely ’77, the former Washington news director of Bloomberg Politics, says that Bloomberg News’ best option for political reporting is to “cover Mike Bloomberg the way you would cover any other candidate,” but the company has sidestepped that approach. — CNN Business
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson *03 didn’t mince words in an open letter to the city manager that demanded action to address an increase in violent crime. This year, Dallas is on pace for its highest number of homicides in more than a decade. — Dallas Morning News
In the wake of stringent abortion limits reaching state legislatures, Alexis McGill Johnson ’93, acting president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, called the new proposals “dangerous” and threatening to fundamental rights.  — The New York Times
Palliative-care physician BJ Miller ’93, who survived an accident at Princeton that caused him to lose one arm and both legs below the knee, tells NPR’s Terri Gross that he’s learned that disability is “not something to overcome, to put behind you — it’s something to work with.” — Fresh Air
Following the departure of Co-CEO Eileen Murray, David McCormick *94 *96 is the sole CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund.  — Bloomberg

“His genius, both on and off TV, was intimacy. When he asked to be your neighbor, he meant it.”

— Art Carey ’72, recalling his brief friendship with Fred Rogers (of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fame), whom he profiled for The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2001. Read Carey’s full appreciation at Broad + Liberty.

Georgetown sociologist Michael Eric Dyson *93, who teaches a class on Jay-Z, sees parallels between the rapper’s lyrics and delivery and the poetry of Robert Frost. — NPR’s Morning Edition
Daniel Isn’t Real, a new horror thriller starring Miles Robbins and Patrick Schwarzenegger, is an adaptation of In This Way I Was Saved, a novel by Brian DeLeeuw ’03. — The Hollywood Reporter
After winning a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, hammer-thrower Julia Ratcliffe ’17 took a year off from the sport. Now she’s now back at it, training for the Tokyo Olympics. — New Zealand Olympic Team
J. Stuart Francis ’74 has been nominated to serve as president of the United States Golf Association. Francis has been a member of the USGA executive committee for five years. — USGA.org