Carlett Spike
Photo: Kathy F. Atkinson

Welcome to the first issue of PAW’s 120th year. We begin with two pieces of happy news. 

This month, Carlett Spike joins the PAW staff as our primary campus reporter. She’ll also edit our Behind the Research feature, introducing you to the work of Princeton professors in all disciplines. 

Carlett knows how to cover a campus — that’s what she did in her job at the University of Delaware. Before that, she was a Delacorte magazine fellow at the Columbia Journalism Review, where she wrote about topics such as the freelancing life, magazine business models, and newsroom diversity. 

Carlett, a proud Rutgers grad, has a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism — an impressive credential, to be sure. While it’s not on her résumé, she is also a self-identified “Jersey girl.” And so we’re especially excited to say: Welcome home. 

We normally don’t use this space to announce engagements, but the news from Chloe Angyal ’09, who has been a PAW contributor, and Zach Wahls *18 cries out for an exception. Wahls, who has a master’s degree from the Woodrow Wilson School, is an Iowa state senator; Angyal is a freelance journalist, contributing editor at, and the author of a forthcoming book about gender and ballet. 

Angyal learned about Wahls in 2011, when he was a college student and addressed the Iowa House of Representatives about how he was raised in a family with two mothers. A video of his impassioned speech went viral ( Angyal wrote about it for the website Feministing, under this headline: Marry Me, Zach Wahls.

Next September, he will.