A Tiger hungry for news of Princeton can find it in several places: in PAW, of course, but also on the University homepage, Princeton.edu; in our student paper, The Daily Princetonian; and in the pages of national and local media. But there’s only one news source that’s equally hungry to hear back from you, and that’s the one you are holding in your hands or reading on your screen right now. This is your magazine — funded in part by your class dues — and your voice matters.

To provide another forum for alumni voices, we have brought back an essay feature, beginning on page 41. We call it “What I Learned,” which we interpret broadly: Tell other alumni about something you’ve come to know through your time at Princeton or in the years since graduation. Send your ideas to pawessay@princeton.edu. We have also changed our back-page history feature to focus on individuals with a connection to Princeton, especially people whose names might not ring a bell. We welcome your suggestions for other “Princeton Portrait” subjects.

This issue includes an interview with one alum whose voice carries extra weight on campus: President Christopher Eisgruber ’83. Eisgruber addressed a range of Princeton-specific topics in the discussion, but it was his take on a broader topic that resonated most with PAW editors: his views on economic opportunity and the realities facing parents hoping to send their children to college. Share your thoughts on the president’s comments by writing to PAW or posting a comment at PAW Online. 

Finally, PAW occasionally surveys alumni who have agreed to be part of a readers panel about content in the magazine and on our website. These comments help us make changes and improve what we do. To join the panel, and to send ideas of any sort, write to paw@princeton.edu

We look forward to hearing from you.