Nineteen faculty members are transferring to emeritus status this year, combining for more than 500 years of teaching experience:

DILIP J. ABREU, economics, 25 years.

ANNE C. CASE *83 *88, Woodrow Wilson School and economics, 26 years.

ESTHER DA COSTA MEYER, art and archaeology, 19 years.

BENJAMIN A. ELMAN, East Asian studies and history, 15 years.

JOAN S. GIRGUS, psychology and former dean of the college, 40 years.

JAN T. GROSS, history, 14 years.

BARRY L. JACOBS, psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, 45 years.

ROBERT O. KEOHANE, Woodrow Wilson School, 12 years. 

YANNIS G. KEVREKIDIS, chemical and biological engineering and the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, 31 years.

DANIEL N. OSHERSON, psychology, 15 years.

SAMUEL GEORGE H. PHILANDER, geosciences, 27 years.

JEAN-HERVE PRÉVOST, civil and environmental engineering, 35 years.

MARK D. ROSE, molecular biology, 31 years. 

LAWRENCE ROSEN, anthropology, 40 years.

WILLIAM B. RUSSEL, chemical and biological engineering and former dean of the Graduate School, 43 years.

GEORGE W. SCHERER, civil and environmental engineering, 21 years. 

BRENT D. SHAW, classics, 13 years. 

A.J. STEWART SMITH *66, physics, former dean for research and former vice president for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 49 years. 

EDWIN S. WILLIAMS, linguistics in the Council of the Humanities, 27 years.