My Education (Viking) is an erotically charged novel about youthful passion. After graduate student Regina Gottlieb sets foot on the pastoral campus of an unnamed East Coast university, she finds herself engulfed in an affair that takes over her life. Author Susan Choi is a lecturer in creative writing.

Pakistan’s military dictatorship swept aside the results of a democratic election and the army slaughtered Bengali civilians in 1971, leading to war between India and Pakistan. In The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide (Knopf), Gary J. Bass, a professor of politics and international affairs, asserts that the White House was “actively and knowingly supporting a murderous regime at many of the most crucial moments.”

Jacob N. Shapiro, an assistant professor of politics and international affairs, examines how terrorist groups are organized in The Terrorist’s Dilemma: Managing Violent Covert Organizations (Princeton University Press). He argues that understanding the groups’ challenge of “maintaining control while staying covert” can help policymakers develop better strategies to combat terrorist activities.