The admission rate dropped this year for EARLY-ACTION candidates as the University accepted fewer students for the Class of 2023. Princeton offered admission to 743 students from a pool of 5,335 candidates, an admit rate of 13.9 percent; compared to 799 offers in a pool of 5,402 (14.7 percent) a year ago. In fall 2011 (the first year that the option to apply early was reinstated), 3,443 students applied for early action for the Class of 2016, 726 were offered admission, and the admit rate was 21.1 percent.

Of those admitted early to the Class of 2023, 51 percent are female and 49 percent are male, 15 percent are children of alumni, 50 percent are U.S. students of color, and 17 percent are first-generation college students. Nearly 60 percent attend public schools, 21 percent plan to study engineering, and they represent 36 countries and 49 states. Students have until May 1 to accept Princeton’s offer.