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About 160 alumni and current members of the Princeton Footnotes harmonized on stage at Richardson Auditorium Oct. 10 in celebration of the a cappella group's 50th anniversary.

The reunion included three-quarters of the original Footnotes and representatives of Princeton classes ranging from 1961 to 2013. After a day of rehearsals, alumni took the stage in ensembles of about 20 members, grouped by class year, and performed for 15 minutes -- the traditional length of a set in a multi-group arch sing.

At the end of the concert, all of the singers gathered for a set of Footnotes favorites (video of the finale is included below). Afterward, clusters of alumni performed impromptu concerts in archways around campus, said John Preston ’11, who helped plan the weekend's events.

According to Preston, the evening made a strong impression on the current group, particularly its six new members, who became Footnotes three weeks ago. "They were overwhelmed by how close the Footnotes community is," he said.

Alumni enjoyed the chance to sing with old friends and interact with Footnotes from several generations, said Dave Gunter ’98, a member of the reunion's planning committee.

"One of our alumni said at the concert that when he can put his arm around a man 20 years his senior on one side, and around another 20 years his junior on the other side, and call them his comrades in song, then he truly knows what is special about the Footnotes," Gunter said. "I saw many, many of my fellow alumni nod their heads."

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