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Patricia and Robert Foulke ’52 (Photo: Courtesy Robert Foulke ’52)

New book: A Visitor’s Guide to Colonial and Revolutionary New England, Second Edition, by Patricia and Robert Foulke ’52 (Countryman Press)

The authors: For nearly 60 years, Robert and his wife, Patricia, have been traveling, writing, and teaching. They have written 15 travel guides and many travel articles, which often focus on history, culture, voyaging, or skiing. The Foulkes live in Lake George, N.Y.
The book: This guide is geared for travelers who want not only to find good places to lodge and interesting sites to explore, but also to learn the history behind the places they visit. The book, which covers Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, explores colonial and Revolutionary sites, forts, churches, inns, houses, and museums. The introduction to each state describes its founding and development; the authors also discuss the social and cultural history of everyday life, such as architecture, religious practices, and customs.  


From chapter one, Massachusetts: “In the struggle for religious uniformity that raged in England throughout much of the 17th century, a group of separatists from Scrooby in Yorkshire became weary of discrimination against them and sailed for Holland in 1608. (Separatists were Puritans who chose to separate from the Church of England rather than work within the church to reform it.) The Scrooby congregation found greater religious tolerance in Leiden and formed close ties with the Dutch community and Leiden University. However, their status as permanent aliens was troubling.”