PAW partnered with the Class of 2009 to ask seniors to capture the last four years in “six-word memoirs,” a feature pioneered by Smith Magazine. A sampling appeared in the July 15, 2009, issue; below is a more extensive list.

We invite alumni to create and share six-word memoirs of their own experiences at Princeton for publication at a future time. Send yours, along with your University affiliation, by e-mail to or write to PAW, 194 Nassau St., Suite 38, Princeton, NJ 08542.

Lost my accent, found my voice. Nancy Edwards

Now serving in orange and black. Candace Chow

Cherished memories squirreled away until reunions. Candace Chow

Broken identity, reflection – centering, vision, creation Zvi Smith

Definitely a Princeton out of ten! Jose Olivares Valerio

Purpose, Faith, Family, Rockets, Music, Overcoming Ephraim Chen

Orange. Spirited. Inspiring. Humbling. Cosmopolitan. Kaleidoscopic Katie Ko

Black Squirrels, Capricious Climate, Phat Ladies Daniel Watford

Colorful leaves falling on Cannon Green Holly McGarvie

I dared to disturb the universe Jade Faugno

Best eleven years of my life Dan Korn

Learned more from friends than classes Denali Barron

Unique interactions with various different cultures Davion Chism

It’s been all about the people Steve Pearson

Learning via new faces and interactions Ankur Patel

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright – yay Princeton Michael Shapiro

Gaining mastery of totally new things Lucy Guarnera

Four seasons, four years for forming Tracy Vu

Incredible sleepless memorable exhilarating Princetonian times! Anonymous

Inspiration Learn Earn Return Public Policy Anonymous

Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting … Anonymous

House Parties on the Street Kenton Murray

I had a pretty good time. Doorey Chung

Seeing old ideas from new perspectives. Nick Morgan

Inspiring orange black pride integrity gateway Anonymous

growth change friendship challenge faith fun Anonymous

Definitely go to Panama with EEB! Anthony S. Rossetti

“Integrated Science” “International Center” dense people Anonymous

Pi Tiger Inn Friends Squash Love Anonymous

Life is fun. Laugh! Do it. Anonymous

Something I hope to soon forget. Anonymous

Smile Relax Sleep friendships fun enjoy Bianca Love

Above all be true to yourself Anonymous

Faith Family Rockets Music Trials Purpose Ephraim Chen

Nothing replaces hard work and commitment. Ken Ewell

Process Growth Fun Friendship Diligence Commitment Chris Heane

Life-changing unforgettable fast meaningful special wonderful. Anonymous

Transfer as soon as possible, seriously Anonymous

Friends Become Family Love y’all forever Adrian Diaz

Eternity is just made of todays. Christian Millian

Weirder than I thought it was. Nadya Soto Fernandez

Horizons friends Knowledge fun Heights Phuong-Nam Giung

Fr-i-e-n-d-s Paul Jacobs

Enjoy every minute at this place! Jessalynn Adam

Opportunity abounds, but have fun too! Anonymous

True to colors gold and blue! Anonymous

home friends tears love determination success Anonymous

Booming Bonfire endless evenings Twinkling Tigers Anonymous

Friends and Learning Memories live forever Paul Moskavitz

We had fun while it lasted. George Thalheim

Stop, look and embrace beautiful campus Mariesa Mason

In the service of all nations. Anonymous

Finishing at the Blue Light Arch Anonymous

Did never have so much fun. Juan Alvarez

An unexpected turn of events occurred! Anonymous

BodyHype Dancing Writing Reading 2009 Terrace.  Anonymous

I can’t believe I got out. Anonymous

eclectic challenging fun crazy drama nurturing Anonymous

I came I saw I learned Anonymous

Energy Change Perspective Heart Fast Smile Anonymous

Came, saw, conquered – Thesis, at least. Anonymous

Could have been worse, I suppose. Anonymous

Fast friends brilliant professors Princeton family Anonymous

Amazing intellectually stimulating Fun memorable exciting Anonymous

growth development and friends for life Anonymous

Experience adventures abroad and orange bubble Anonymous

Explore squirrels abroad! adventure thesis pride Anonymous

yes yay whoopee hurray yeah awesome Anonymous

challenging exciting stimulating fun opportunity eatingclubs! Anonymous

Tiggerlilies, Colonial, Reunions, Anthropology, Firestone, Graduation Anonymous

Incredible challenging motivating lasting friendships inspirational Anonymous

Challenging fun inspiring comforting diverse terrific Rebecca Rodriguez

Back to school back to cool Anonymous

Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up Anonymous

Loyalty Perseverance Family Promise Maturity Opportunity Anonymous

Challenging Stimulating Refreshing Fun Relaxing Peaceful Anonymous

Grade deflation is the devil Bye Anonymous

Don’t Forget To See The Possibilities Anonymous

inspiring challenging emotional fantastic relaxing transforming Anonymous

Don’t wait to make things happen Anonymous

Bodyhype Creativity Culture Dance Connection Chinese Anonymous

Welcome to the family, have fun Anonymous

Work hard, play hard, be nice. Chloe Angyal

Oh! The places you will go! Fan (Helen) Yu

Rule one: Finish your thesis, son. Caitlin Ludwigsen

Go To Class For Pete’s Sake! Anonymous

enlightening, challenging, flexible, ever-changing, international, exciting Anonymous

shock awe reduction expansion definition transformation  Anonymous

Study Dance Sleep Study Dance Sleep Gabrielle Wilson

growth challenge love laughter inspiration memories Joyce Hwang

New Friends Brain Booze Training Farewell Suneil Vallabh

Unexpected stimulating intellectual and social experience James Marvel

Remember to live not just work. Ugochi Madubatc

Nothing matters but knowing nothing matters. Anonymous

Get Active and Involved Early On Anonymous

Make The Most of Your Time Anonymous

An experience I won’t ever forget Aly Lopez-Aguilar

Turn and run very very fast Anonymous

Do not be afraid to change Anonymous

Twice a year we had sangria. Logan Scherer

Be true to yourself. Enjoy life. Megan Brandeland

Go Beyond What You Already Know Anonymous

I never knew one could overthink. Anonymous

Do What You Want To Do Anonymous

Stop and enjoy everything around you. Anonymous

Do not be afraid to drink. Anonymous

cherish opportunity life greatest soccer laughs Jennifer Om

work hard and enjoy it too Anonymous

Live for all the little moments. Marissa Smith

Enjoy this, your time is fleeting William Watts

Play rugby if you are tight Anonymous

Challenge yourself with your course selection Anonymous

Work hard; play hard. Go tigers! Eric Nalbone

Enriching Challenging Invaluable Terrific Remarkable Intensive Anonymous

Find God be good to yourself Anonymous

Thank God for the Eating Clubs Barry Caro

Tried new things, met great people Anonymous

The hay is in the barn. Daniel Eckel

Career Services says I am “pending” Katharine Gilman

Can someone find me a job? Anonymous

Can I please do it again? Fiona Miller

Beautiful Snowy Gothic: Dean’s Date Awaits! Matthew Isakowitz

Overall thoroughly exhausting but completely worthwhile Beverly Nwanna

Have fun while you still can. Katie Hua

Walk around and enjoy the trees Anonymous

Work hard play hard bro some Anonymous

growth exploration study happiness development spirit Anonymous

Intriguing Challenging Intellectual Fun Diverse Awesome. Anonymous

All-nighters. Tears. Laughter. Failure. Success. Friends. Anonymous

Giving it all that you have Anonymous

provocative stimulating challenging rewarding inspiring fun. Anonymous

enriching full overwhelming difficult worth-it friends Anonymous

Challenging Difficult Stressful Friendship Experience Library Anonymous

Katrina Perseverance Service Courage Support Pride Anonymous

Fun Ridiculous Strenuous Dodo Bodo Dumb Anonymous

Firestone carrel, Blair Tower, and dogwoods. Matthew Halgren

Exhilarating Hazy Boss Loyalty Tradition Belonging. Robert Finley

Terrace Food Love Music Late Nights Katherine Cherry

pride germ doors dance sleep carità Pancho Mulongeni

Integrity Pride Hope Motivation Strength Goodwill Yiqiao Tang

James Coan likes to milk goats Jon Will

sentimental celebratory contemplative growing structured relaxing Sarah Brown

Challenging Forgiving Caring Sensitive Multidimensional Intellectually-Diverse Rei Thompson

Awesome diversity learning friends food poop Anonymous

Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting … Anonymous

Senior year was my best year Anonymous

rewarding challenging learning refining growth wisdom Anonymous

Friendship that will last a lifetime. Anonymous

Eating Clubs. Fraternity. Moses Taylor Pyne. Anonymous

Don’t Think Too Hard. It Hurts. John Adams

Once in a lifetime crazy experience Sharon Goswami

Prayer works and God is faithful Anonymous

Don’t let it rain on houseparties Anonymous

Enlightening experience that I’ll treasure forever. Anonymous

challenging fruitful widening fellowship plurality socially-opening Anonymous

The Club the Group the Experiences Anonymous

Live it up while you can. Anonymous

Princeton helped me broaden my horizons. Anonymous

Still processing the events at hand. Sam Zetumer