Top row from left: Deborah Amos; Amaney Jamal; Robert Keohane. Bottom row from left: Sohaib Sultan; Michael Froman ’85
Ethan Sterenfeld ’20 (Amos); Frank Wojciechowski (Jamal, Keohane, Sultan); Ismael Francisco/AP Images (Froman)

Feb. 21 panel on “Democracy, Facts, and the News” 

“Citizens of the Middle East are more savvy news consumers than Americans because they expect that state media is propaganda. They already know that they have to be more clever than the people who are producing the news, and they are.” 

Deborah Amos, correspondent for National Public Radio 

Feb. 21 panel on “Trump and the Constitution: The Rights of Immigrants and Refugees”

“What Trump has done for the Muslim community might actually be the best thing that’s happened to the Muslim community since 9/11, because he’s been so egregious and so out there with his bias and his discrimination that it’s forced people to stand up and say, ‘Oh my God, this is so unfair.’” 

Amaney Jamal, politics professor

“The most serious issue is ... arguments made by the counsel to the president and the president’s staff that the executive order was unreviewable by the courts. If courts can’t review the presidency, then you have an elective executive dictatorship.” 

Robert Keohane, professor of public and international affairs

“It’s important for us to think very deeply about what national security in America really means and what is being done under the guise of national security — what’s really being done to protect American lives, and what’s being used as an ideological football.” 

Sohaib Sultan, Muslim chaplain and coordinator for Muslim life

Feb. 16 talk on “The Future of Trade in a Trumpian World”

“Up to 47 percent of jobs today are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence. ... Imagine the anger and resentment that we might face if nearly half the jobs in the United States are put at risk because of technology.” 

Michael Froman ’85, former U.S. trade representative under President Obama