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Roberta Isleib ’75 (Photo: Ruthanna Terrerri)

New book: Death in Four Courses, by Lucy Burdette (aka Roberta Isleib ’75) (Obsidian)

The author: A clinical psychologist turned murder-mystery writer, Roberta Isleib has written a golf mystery series — featuring a professional golfer and a sports psychologist — and an advice column mystery series — featuring an advice columnist and a psychologist. Working under the pen name Lucy Burdettte, Isleib launched a food-critic mystery series earlier this year with An Appetite for Murder and recently has come out with the second installment.
The book: Hayley Snow, a food critic for Key Zest, a style magazine in Key West, Fla., is assigned to write about a food-writing seminar. With her visiting mother in tow, she heads to the event. Soon after the keynote speaker, a well-known restaurant critic, delivers his speech, Hayley finds him dead in a reflecting pool. The police question Hayley, who sets out to find out what happened.
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Opening lines: “My new boss, Wally, slid his glasses down his nose and squinted over the top of the black frames. ‘Don’t even think about coming back with a piece telling us offal is the next big foodie trend,’ he said. ‘I don’t care what’s in style in New York and L.A. We eat grouper and key lime pie in Key West, not entrails.’ He leaned back in his weathered wicker chair, fronds of faux tropical foliage tickling his hair. ‘Clear?’”
Review: Publishers Weekly called the novel a “yummy sequel to An Appetite for Murder. … Outspoken Mom provides tart commentary as Hayley once again turns sleuth. Anyone who’s ever overpaid for a pretentious restaurant meal will relish this witty cozy.”
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