Jeremy Toback ’88 and Renee Stahl (One Melody Records)
The duo set out to make kids’ music that “adults could enjoy, not just tolerate.” According to the Web site, Toback and Stahl’s  “languid songs strike at the heart of parenthood: the quiet beauty of it, the magic and intimacy, the hopes, fears and lessons.  The duo wrote the material while Renee was pregnant (and on bed rest) and recorded them in her daughter’s bedroom, and the songs feel just that intimate: simply guitar, two voices, and a host of sentiments every parent can relate to, but few hear voiced with such honesty and simplicity.” Toback has released two CDs on RCA, 1997’s Perfect Flux Thing and 1999’s Another True Fiction. Stahl’s two previous CDs are Melancholy Pop and Hopeful Romantic. To listen to and buy the CD go to