Eddie Glaude *97, chair of Princeton’s Department of African American Studies
Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite (2015)

When President Joe Biden rebuked Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection during a national address, he “took the fight to those who are threatening democracy,” said Eddie Glaude *97, chair of Princeton’s Department of African American Studies. — The Arizona Republic
Independent Women’s Forum president Carrie Lukas ’95 said it was “demoralizing” to have five children in virtual school last year. “No matter how hard you try to support your kids, there was a feeling that you could never do enough,” she said. — Fox News Digital
Hedge fund manager David McCormick *94 *96 recently bought a home near Pittsburgh and resigned as CEO of Bridgewater Associates as he prepares to run as a Republican for one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seats.  — Yahoo! News
Former New York GOP chairman Ed Cox ’68 said Catholic schools’ successful in-person instruction during the pandemic shows public schools don’t need to go virtual now. — The New York Post
Doug Lederman ’84’s online higher education publication, Inside Higher Ed, was acquired by Times Higher Education. — Inside Higher Ed
Constantine Alexandrakis ’89 will be the next CEO of executive search firm Russell Reynolds; previously he was head of the Americas for the company. — Staffing Industry Analysts
Larry Lucchino ’67 said he’s not selling the Worcester Red Sox after a California-based company made an offer reportedly for $50 million. “We would be troubled if there wasn’t somebody interested in trying to buy us,” he said. — Telegram & Gazette

“There is nothing wrong with capitalism in principle, but there is a great deal wrong with the version prevailing in the U.S. today.”

— Princeton economists Anne Case *83 *88 and Angus Deaton on why rising suicide and drug overdose rates show contemporary American capitalism isn’t serving less-educated Americans. — Project-Syndicate

Investigative journalist Barton Gellman ’82 spoke on the “Why Is This Happening” podcast about threats to American democracy. — MSNBC
In an ad that ran Sunday in the New York TimesMichelle Obama ’85 said of the 2022 midterm elections, “We’ve got to vote like the future of our democracy depends on it.” — CNN
Writer Lili Anolik ’00, who wrote a book about artist Eve Babitz, penned a remembrance after Babitz’s death in December. — Vanity Fair
Dr. Jennifer Caudle ’99, an associate professor in the department of Family Medicine at Rowan University-School of Osteopathic Medicine, said the best medicine for a hangover is prevention — “only drinking in moderation.” — Eat This, Not That!

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