Photo: Fiduciary Institute/Wikipedia

When Vanguard founder John C. Bogle ’51 died last week at age 89, financial reporters wrote about his towering legacy, with headlines like “Jack Bogle Is Gone, But He’s Still Saving Investors $100 Billion A Year” (Forbes) and “Vanguard’s Jack Bogle Wasn’t a Billionaire. He Was Proud of That” (The New York Times). Read more about Bogle in the PAW archives, which include stories about his spirit of service, his views on Wall Street reform, and his senior thesis.

Robert Doar ’83, a veteran government administrator and poverty scholar, was selected as the next president of the American Enterprise Institute, an influential conservative think tank. — The Washington Post

Paramount Pictures has been looking to producer Wyck Godfrey ’90, head of its film division for the last year, to build up the its output after the studio posted a $280 million operating loss in 2017. — Variety 

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley *82 of Oregon tells ABC’s Rick Klein ’98 and Mary Bruce that his family has given him the “thumbs-up” for a 2020 presidential run; he plans to make his decision within the next three months. — ABC News

Morgan Jerkins ’14 argues in a recent opinion column that the “intense cultural preoccupation” with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health is a bad sign for our democracy. — The Washington Post

“Florida’s Amendment 4 is one story from the midterm elections that offers us hope. It’s a story of shared American values of fairness, redemption, and human dignity overcoming our divisions and partisanship.” 

— Investor Michael Novogratz ’87, in a recent opinion column about a Florida ballot measure that passed in November, restoring voting rights to more than 1.4 million former felons in the state. Read more in The Hill.

Twenty-six Nobel Prize winners, including alumni Oliver Hart *74 and Michael Spence ’66 and Princeton professors Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, and Christopher Sims, were among the economists who signed a recent bipartisan agreement on policies to combat climate change. — The Wall Street Journal

D.E. Shaw COO Eddie Fishman ’94, a supporter of the urban squash program StreetSquash, says that the sport can be “an entry point to enable kids to get mentorship and improve academic performance.” — Bloomberg 

New York Knicks president Steve Mills ’81 and rapper Chuck D, who grew up together on Long Island, talk about their friendship and their paths to success. — The Undefeated

Salary-cap expert Natalie Jay ’06 has helped the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets rebuild and contend for a spot in the playoffs. — SNY

New York-based actor J. Richey Nash ’91 is starring in a Hilton Head, S.C., production of A Doll’s House, Part 2. — Island Packet

With a single court order, New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner ’82 dismissed more than 780,000 municipal court cases for minor offenses dating back 15 years or longer as part of an effort to clean up the state’s local courts. —