What happens when you work for an online-dating app and you find your perfect match in your office? Dale Markowitz ’15 tells the story in a recent essay. — The Washington Post 

Author Daniel Mendelsohn *94, who will receive the Madison Medal at Alumni Day next month, talks about his influences and what he’s reading. — The New York Times

Cornell mathematician Steven Strogatz ’80 discusses chaos theory, the prisoner's dilemma, and “elegant” proofs in a wide-ranging conversation about some of his favorite math topics. — Business Insider

Sally Blount ’83, dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, received the Farmers’ Humanitarian Award at the One Acre Fund gala last month. — Chicago Tribune

Former New Jersey Gov. Brendan Byrne ’49, who died last week at age 93, wanted to be remembered for his preservation of the state’s pinelands — an interest sparked by John McPhee ’53’s 1968 book The Pine Barrens. — NJ.com

A review of the final year of Michael Huerta *80’s term as head of the Federal Aviation Administration highlighted his “sweeping rewrite” of rules governing the certification of light aircraft. — Aviation International News

Economist Burton Malkiel *64’s advice for managing investments in the rising stock market is to stay the course: “Nobody can consistently time the market, and those who try it usually fail.” — The New York Times

Physician Ned Claxton ’71, a newcomer to politics, announced his candidacy for a seat in Maine’s state senate. — Portland Press Herald 

A recent ranking of New Jersey’s 25 most accomplished men’s college basketball players included four Tiger alumni: Bill Bradley ’65, Brian Taylor ’84, Kit Mueller ’91, and Geoff Petrie ’70.Asbury Park Press