Charles Rosen ’48 *51 performs in October 1969.
Charles Rosen ’48 *51 performs in October 1969.

Each year at Alumni Day, Princeton notes the passing of students, alumni, faculty, and staff who died during the year gone by. The Service of Remembrance is a ­moving and poignant celebration of lives we knew.

In that spirit, the following pages are a remembrance of alumni lost in 2012. These nine men and one woman are but a small representation of those who lived lives worth celebrating. Among others who died last year are some Princeton ­giants: Dan Gardiner ’56, the driving force behind the ReachOut 56-81-06 ­project, which supports new graduates in public service; and Paul Wythes ’55, the University trustee who shepherded what’s known as the Wythes report, which led to a larger student body.

Fashionistas long will recall ­Norman Hilton ’41, credited with defining Ivy League style, who was one of Ralph ­Lauren’s first investors. Science lost Roy J. Britten *51, a gene pioneer. His graduate-school classmate, George Rathmann *51, is considered a father of the biotechnology industry; he built Amgen into the world’s largest biotech company by ­focusing on some of the most successful drugs in history. There are many others, whose lives provide lessons worth ­remembering.

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