I, too, appreciate the new feature on alumni who have passed away and are most deserving of our celebration of their lives. It so happens that of those included in the Feb. 6 issue, I had the pleasure of working for Nick Katzenbach ’43, a giant of a leader, and of developing over several years a friendship through correspondence with Peter Gott ’57. Peter, in my mind, was not only the most popular, but the most capable, guru of the medical profession. If you had a malady, he had a cure and invariably a simple answer. My wife and I have lived in a life-care facility for years, and I and our residents often shared our problems with him and would become subjects in his columns. Needless to say, we all appreciated his helpful hints.

One personal note I long will treasure was his response to me in 2007 as to what he would suggest to get our football team going. It was to serve them with his pregame tonic: his colon cocktail, with equal portions of unprocessed bran, applesauce, and prune juice. He suggested taking one to two tablespoons a day (or more if needed) for relief. I don’t play ball anymore, but it still works. Yes, we indeed will miss him.

Art Brown ’46