Nina Sheridan ’19, left, and Jessica Zhou ’19
Princeton Alumni Weekly
One of the best things about being on the PAW staff is working with Princeton students who contribute to the magazine as interns and as Press Club stringers. They challenge and inspire us, keeping us young in the process. So it’s always with both pride and regret that we say goodbye each year to the seniors.

This year, two frequent Press Club contributors are moving on: Francesca Billington, whose most recent PAW article, in June, was about students protesting Princeton’s Title IX procedures; and Iris Samuels, whose coverage of the Baccalaureate ceremony appears in this issue. 

We’re also losing two wonderful interns. Nina Sheridan and Jessica Zhou have spent hours with us each week — writing short pieces for the magazine, doing advertising research, creating videos for PAW Online, and performing the unglamorous, behind-the-scenes duties that get PAW out the door and into your homes. 

Jessica, a psychology major with a certificate in visual art, will begin a two-year term with Teach for America in Los Angeles, where she’ll be teaching in a primary school/psychological services center. Nina, who majored in politics and has been working at PAW since her freshman year, will be starting an 11-month fellowship in California state government. 

We’ll miss our students tremendously — but we’re confident we’ll be hearing a lot about them.