Retired Gen. David Petraeus *85 *87, photographed in 2010.
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Journalist Julia Ioffe ’05, who was born in Russia, discussed best- and worst-case scenarios for Ukraine as Russia invades, and noted that Ukrainians are fighting hard for democracy — perhaps a lesson for Americans, who sometimes take it for granted. — The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader ’55 warned President Joe Biden about sanctioning Russia in ways that hurt Americans, and about the potential for “an out-of-control escalation.” — The Albany Herald
U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher ’06 (R-Wisconsin) said the U.S. should fortify NATO’s eastern front, “particularly the Baltic states and Poland” and “deploy intermediate-range ground launch ballistic missile systems to the front-line states of NATO, which would get Putin’s attention.” — NBC 26 Green Bay
Investor Carl Icahn ’57 is pushing McDonald’s to make good on its promises to improve conditions for pregnant sows, saying: “Animals are one of the things I feel really emotional about.” — The Washington Post
Harvard professor Danielle Allen ’93 dropped out of the race for Massachusetts governor, saying the state’s requirements to get on the ballot are the most difficult in the country. — NBC Boston
Declan Farmer ’20 is preparing for his third Paralympic Games with the U.S. sled hockey team, and believes the team can win its fourth straight gold medal in Beijing. — Tampa Bay Times
Charlie Volker ’19 called competing in bobsled at the Winter Olympics “a very cool experience,” but was less pleased with his four-man team’s 10th-place finish and his two-man team’s 27th place. —

“Can Russia actually control the entire landmass of Ukraine? That question has to be one of those that is most unsettling in the back of President Putin’s mind and in the minds of his senior leaders.”

— Retired Gen. David Petraeus *85 *87 discussing the Russian invasion and comparisons to the U.S. in Iraq. — The Atlantic 

On Valentine’s Day, Pepperdine University history professor Stewart Davenport ’94 discussed three 19th-century religious American sects that “waged wars against the so-called selfishness of monogamous marriage.” — Smithsonian Magazine
Comedian Catherine Cohen ’13 has a Netflix special debuting on March 15, titled, “The Twist …? She’s Gorgeous.” — Variety
The firm of architect Marc Brahaney ’81 *86 was named to the Best of Houzz list for a  10th consecutive year, and a recent historic farmhouse renovation it completed was profiled by Princeton Magazine. — Princeton Magazine
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis ’96 announced he will run for a second term. — CBS Denver

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