Kelsey Koelzer ’17
Courtesy of Arcadia University

Kelsey Koelzer ’17 is the first Black head hockey coach in NCAA history in her new position as head women’s coach at Arcadia University. — Good Morning America

As violence escalated in Israel and Gaza, the U.S. sent envoy Hady Amr *94 “to urge Israelis and Palestinians to seek calm.” — Reuters
Novelist Jodi Picoult ’87 and veteran playwright Timothy Allen McDonald created a musical about the COVID-19 pandemic titled Breathe, which Picoult said has “some very funny moments.” It premiered Friday on Overture+. — The New York Times
Colorado Rep. Ken Buck ’81 was among the few Republicans to disagree with removing Rep. Liz Cheney from House leadership, giving her part of his floor time and being the only Republican to stay in the chamber while she spoke. — Colorado Public Radio
Internist Dr. Lucy McBride ’95 said she tells her patients it’s OK to allow children to unmask outdoors “as we shift our focus away from masks and onto the faces behind them.” — The Atlantic
MIT neuroscience professor Earl Miller *90 said a new study shows the common assumption that anesthesia turns off the brain is incorrect, and instead the popular anesthetic propofol “dramatically changes and controls the dynamics of the brain’s rhythms.” — ScienceBlog
Karen Karniol-Tambour ’06, co-CIO of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund’s sustainability business, said investors should be explicit about whether their investment goals are financial or non-financial, like curbing climate change. — Top 1000 Funds
Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester *85 said despite some volatility that’s to be expected as vaccinations continue, the Federal Reserve’s policy is in a good place right now. — Yahoo! Finance

“We make examples of people all the time, and sometimes rightfully so. But the greatest example that can be made of Quintin Phillippe Jones is that human beings are capable of redemption and reconciliation, deserving of mercy and grace.”

— Author Suleika Jaouad ’10 pleading for the life of her friend who is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on May 19. — The New York Times

After coaching Princeton men’s swimming for four years, Olympian Doug Lennox II ’09 is becoming head coach of the Chelsea Piers Aquatics Club in Connecticut. — Stamford North’s HamletHub

Responding to a viral video of young children having a head-to-head collision during a football drill, former NFL player Ross Tucker ’01 wrote, “If you truly loved football, let alone these BOYS, you would never allow this to happen.” — Newsweek
Dick Cass ’68, president of the Baltimore Ravens, said the team is “optimistic that we will have a full stadium of fans this season.” — The Baltimore Sun

Filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are adapting Michael Lewis ’82’s new book about the pandemic, The Premonition, for film. — Empire

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