Photo: Robert Matthews, Office of Communications
IRVIN GLASSMAN, professor emeritus of mechanical and aerospace engineering, died Dec. 14 in Princeton. He was 96. He joined the faculty in 1950 and retired in 1999. Known as the “Grand Old Man of Combustion,” Glassman was a leading authority on combustion and propulsion. He was a founder of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies and the journal Combustion Science and Technology, and he wrote the standard textbook Combustion. He also was an adviser to NASA and other agencies and corporations. 

Princeton Department of History
STANLEY J. STEIN, professor emeritus of history, died Dec. 19. He was 99. He joined the faculty in 1953 and retired in 1989. Stein, the first director of the Program in Latin American Studies, wrote extensively on Latin American economic and social history and the legacies of colonialism and slavery. He and his wife, Barbara Stein, wrote The Colonial Heritage of Latin America.

Photo: Michael Pirrocco
ROBERT MILLAR MAXWELL, professor emeritus of architecture, died Jan. 2 in France. He was 97. Maxwell served as dean of the School of Architecture from 1982 to 1989 and retired in 1993. He wrote more than a dozen books, including The Time of My Life in Architecture.