Miracles of Modern Science: from left, Geoff McDonald '07, Josh Hirshfeld '08, Evan Younger '08, Tyler Pines '09, and Kieran Ledwidge '08. (Photo: Courtesy Miracles of Modern Science)
The show: This Brooklyn-based band that formed at Princeton — vocalist/double bassist Evan Younger ’08, mandolinist Josh Hirshfeld ’08, cellist Geoff McDonald ’07, and violinist Kieran Ledwidge ’08 — will perform at an event hosted by Princeton Alumni in the Arts and sponsored by the Lewis Center for the Arts.
Date and location: Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. at SubCultureNYC, 45 Bleecker Street, in New York City.

The musicians: This indie orchestral rock band is made up of former members of Princeton’s orchestras and jazz bands. Evan Younger told PAW in a 2010 profile, that they like to think that “we rock as hard as a real rock band.” Miracles of Modern Science has released the CDs Dog Year and MEEMS. (Drummer Tyler Pines ’09 recently left the band.)

Princeton Alumni in the Arts: The Sept. 28 event is being hosted by Pilar Castro Kiltz ’10, Alexandra Maguire ’11, Mike Wood ’08, Bridget Wright ’11, and Adam Zivkovic ’10 — who want to bring together alumni involved in the arts and gauge interest in the creation of a formal association. For more information, click here.
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