The first novel of English professor Tamsen Wolff, Juno’s Swans (Europa Editions) tells the coming-of-age story of high school senior Nina through her reflections on heartbreak after losing the girl she thought had loved her.

Creative writing lecturer Boris Fishman ’01’s Savage Feast: A Memoir With Recipes (HarperCollins) traces his family history from Soviet Belarus to the United States. Fishman travels across the U.S., exploring the relationship between food, identity, and home, and learning to understand his own family through the cooking of Oksana, his grandfather’s Ukrainian home aide.

Through analysis of court cases, fashion shows, film, and art, Anne Anlin Cheng ’85, professor of English, argues in Ornamentalism (Oxford University Press) that the cultural representation of Asian women has played an outsize role in shaping contemporary conceptions of personhood. Cheng’s theory proposes new approaches to dealing with racial objectification.