In One Little Secret (Crooked Lane), Cate Holahan ’02 unspools a tale of a vacation gone horribly wrong. After a night of drinking and loose lips, a woman is dead. Holahan creates a memorable cast of characters — who all have secrets — for her heroine, detective Gabby Watkins, to investigate. 

What if George Washington had donned a crown after the Revolutionary War, rather than accepting the presidency? Katharine McGee ’10’s American Royals (Random House) imagines an American monarchy grappling with duty, intrigue, and the crown, as the family’s eldest daughter grows closer to becoming the country’s first queen regent. 

Beyond Babylon (Two Lines) weaves together interpersonal and external conflict, as two Somali half-sisters, connected through a mostly absent father, navigate wars in their respective countries — Argentina and Somalia — before seeking refuge in Italy. French and Italian major Aaron Robertson ’17 initially translated Igiaba Scego’s book into English as his senior thesis at Princeton before receiving a Rhodes Scholarship and a PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant.