The Rev. Alison Boden, dean of the chapel at the University of Chicago, will become Princeton’s DEAN OF RELIGIOUS LIFE AND THE CHAPEL Aug. 1. Boden, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, led the formation of an interreligious center during her time at Chicago and also taught courses on religion and human rights.

On May 30, the Supreme Court of New Jersey unanimously ruled that COTTAGE CLUB is entitled to tax-exempt status, overturning a 2006 appellate court decision. The court said Cottage Club “satisfied all of the relevant standards in effect,” including public access, when it applied for a property tax exemption, but the application was denied in 2003. A 2004 state law prevents other eating clubs from pursuing similar exemptions, and in June, the state assembly and senate passed a bill sponsored by two Princeton-area legislators to “clarify and expand upon” the intent of the 2004 law and revoke Cottage Club’s exemption.

DAN-EL PADILLA PERALTA ’06, the 2006 Sachs Scholarship recipient who made national headlines when his status as an illegal immigrant threatened to derail his plans to study at Oxford, will return to Princeton to conduct research in the classics department for the 2007–08 academic year. Padilla Peralta, a native of the Dominican Republic who was raised in New York City, has received a one-year visa.

Renovation work at CANNON CLUB was scheduled to begin over the summer as the graduate board of Dial, Elm, and Cannon looks to reopen the club to new members in February. Warren Crane ’62, president of the grad board, said the club would be launching a five-year capital campaign to assure its financial stability. Mark Burstein, the University’s executive vice president, said the administration supports Cannon’s reopening in line with its “general goal of providing more options for undergraduates.”